Sonja Karle


Sonja Karle born 1965 in Triberg (DE)
Lives and works in Eitorf (DE)
mail: sonja@mitwelt42103

My work comprises drawings, photos, collages, installations, object and texts. Contemplation is an exercise. Free unprejudiced contemplating a challenge. My fascination ignites where apparent contradictions touch and repel. I look for questions that themselves raise questions.
Formal relationship leads me to contention about the subject matter. I observe, research, explore, cut, paste differently what I just cut, or create completely new. Nothing remains what it seems to be at first sight, yet all bears the history of its original assignations, in a new context.

For Mitwelt42103 my focus is on locations in public space. I look for places that elude our perception just becáuse we are constantly in contact with them. We pass them and use them, leave traces. In these apparently impersonal spots I look for reflections of our being.

Main focus: drawings, fotography, collages, installations and objekts. For Mitwelt42103: Earsounds (together with Gunda Gottschalk)

Short Curriculum (summery)
1986 - 1987
Painting and drawing, Freie Kunstakademie Freiburg

1987 - 1989 Sculpture and drawing, Experimental Atelier Freiburg
1990 - 1996 Study at the Free Art Acadamy Kassel
1996  Diploma, with honor
1992 - 2002 building up exhibitions at the Museum-Fridericianum-Documenta Gmbh
since 1996 Working as a visual Artist
2002-2012 Live and work in Amsterdam (NL)
2012 Move to Eitorf, close to Köln