Confessions, Secret Block


Klaus Boegel: Bekenntnisse, Secret Block
In a confined space visitors are invited to sit on a chair and are being left alone with a camera in front of them. The shot is a closeup of their face. They get the oppor-tunity to make a confession into the camera. This is something quite personal: a long kept secret, a conviction that would never have been expressed in public or an error that someone has carried for years.
Image and sound are recorded separately. The sound is recorded on a data carrier, for example a small USB stick. After recording this stick is poured into concrete approximately the size of a brick. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed about the con-tent of the confession.
The separate concrete bricks are stacked in a rectangular block over the course of the project.
The portraits are projected with a beamer one after the other without sound. The close ups and the secret block are presented as a visual unit. For example, the block on the floor in front of the video presentation.

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