Soundtrack Earsounds


For 6 profane locations in the Hofaue area the Earsounds were made. Listen to the text-sound-collages on their specific location by lending an "Ohrfone" object in the gallery or downloading the Soundtrack and Addresses.

Above you can hear the Soundtrack.

Adresses Ohrfone-playlist:

1 Draußen im Haus: Zollstraße 5
2 Unbekannt: Fassade, Park place, Wesendonkstraße
3 Die rote Säule: Sparkasse, Kipdorf 39
4 Verborgen: Contipark, former doorman-box, next to Sparkasse
5 Alltäglich: Parking place, Hofaue 40
6 Wechselblick: a window seat at the Atelier café

Here you can download the soundtrack and addresses(Zip).
(Right mouseclick > Save under).

Save the download on your mp3 player and you can make the Earsounds-tour independent from opening the hours.

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