MITWELT42103 (“our contemporaries”) deals with the cultural shift of the boundaries between the public and the private. Not meant to be a media criticism it is rather supposed to bring forward the anthropological question, in how far we need and perceive both retreat, privacy, intimacy on one hand and self-presentation and public self-expression (as individuals and as a society) on the other.
Voyeurism and respect, control and secret, exposing and shame, are these oppositions still demarcated from each other or are they already inextricably interwoven? What is their potential or does their blurriness threaten us?
We perceive that the current state of privacy and the public is a very existential subject of present society and its individuals. With interdisciplinary media and artworks we are searching for traces of the mentioned ambivalence.

Central in the show is a district around the artist-run artspace Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal. The area around it experienced a long and radical development from an industrial and red light district into a multicultural area with social housing projects and a vivid artist scene. The streets, shop windows, studios, bars and facades become the projection screen for temporarily video projections, offer room for acoustic and visual interventions and performances. The district becomes a kind of public Art-laboratory.
It is our goal to communicate with and react to the actual district and its people. Therefore we look for places and experiences that reveal and make us question its current culture of privacy and public.
The project will be presented partly within the exhibiting room of the Art space and partly outside, in and on the streets in the surrounding area. An additional program with discussions and reflections is set up to deepen and broaden the theme.

The artists are: Klaus Boegel (D/NL), Gunda Gottschalk (D), Ilona Hellmiß (D), Sonja Karle (D/NL), Michaela Kuhlendahl (D), Matthijs Muller (NL/D), Markus Nilling (D), Anja Sijben (NL).